Hair care: It's whats for dinner

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In recent years, the natural and curly hair community has made significant progress. We have empowered ourselves with knowledge about ingredients, recognizing the importance of what we apply to our bodies. It's now widely acknowledged that topical ingredients have the potential to enter our bloodstream, influencing our health positively or negatively. In this blog post, I aim to inspire you to elevate your hair care routine to a new level of nutrition. After all, it's the year 2020, and we have the opportunity to strive for even greater improvement in this new decade.

Have a smoothie

I'm a sucker for a good smoothie! As a matter of fact, I have one each morning, filling my NutriBullet with the 3 servings of broccoli, kale and spinach that I know that I won't force myself to eat that day. I try to think of my hair products as smoothies as well - slathering my scalp with aloe vera, flax seed, agave and okra is another way of feeding my body the nutrients that it needs to be healthy. I encourage you guys to think of your topicals as more than conditioners and stylers - think of them as one more way to get protein and vitamins into your daily diet. 

What's for dinner?

Have you ever been asked what you didn't have for dinner? Probably not, right? So why is it that when we search for our next product, we often prioritize what's not in them rather than focusing on what actually makes up the contents of the bottle? Instead of solely seeking products free of parabens, silicones, or alcohols, it's essential to pay equal attention to the quality of the ingredients they contain. While a product may be labeled as 'Curly Girl Friendly,' it doesn't guarantee that it's truly beneficial for you. For instance, many assume that a vegan product automatically signifies clean ingredients. However, 'vegan' simply means it's free of animal by-products and not tested on animals, without necessarily guaranteeing ingredient purity (willowtreesoapcompany).

Vote with your wallet 

Once you have optimized your hair product choices and discovered products that meet your nutritional needs, it's time to make a statement with your purchasing power. Use your wallet to demand that more companies prioritize offering products that are truly beneficial for your well-being. The abundance of products filled with subpar ingredients on store shelves is a direct result of consumer demand. It's our responsibility to take a stand and demand better, because we deserve it.


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  • Very informative! Thanks

    nGladys McGowan on
  • Well said!

    Lorie Katz on
  • You say it so well! "Instead of only looking for products with no parabens, silicones or alcohols, pay as much attention to the quality of the ingredients inside. After all, it’s absolutely possible for a product to be Curly Girl Friendly but still not be good for you. "

    Donna Kirifi on

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