The Night time is the Right time

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While it's unlikely that Mr. Charles had hair care in mind when recording 'The Right Time,' we're diving into the topic nonetheless! Nighttime hair protection is a vital element of any comprehensive hair care routine. It plays a significant role in maintaining hair health and prolonging the longevity of your hairstyle. In this month's blog post, I will explore various methods to protect your hair at night and share some of my favorite products (not sponsored!) for this purpose.

Increasing Style Longevity

As previously mentioned, ensuring hair protection at night is crucial for maintaining your Wash Day style throughout the week. I receive numerous emails and messages from individuals curious about the secret behind achieving up to 8-day hair. While there are steps you can take on Wash Day to aid in this process, the true key lies in how you protect your hair during the night.

The Pineapple

One of the most beloved methods for nighttime hair protection is the Pineapple technique. By flipping your head upside down and gathering your hair at the top with a scrunchie, you can keep your curls out of harm's way and prevent them from getting flattened while you sleep. This technique not only offers added stretch but also helps create volume. In the morning, all you need to do is remove the scrunchie, give your hair a gentle shake, and you're good to go!

Tools needed
Satin scarf (optional)

Low Ponytail

This is the night-time method I personally use for my hair. While my hair isn't long enough for the traditional Pineapple technique, and I prefer a more controlled look with less volume, this method still provides decent stretch and keeps my hair in check throughout the night. In the morning, I can simply fluff my hair and I'm ready to go!

Tools needed

An elastic or scrunchie


Many of my customers have shared their success stories of achieving the best results by sleeping with their curls loose on their pillow. They have found that using elastics can create too much stretch and compromise the longevity of their style. If you choose this method, it's important to include a satin pillow case or bonnet in your routine for added hair protection.

Tools needed

Satin pillow case



Damage Control

Now that we've covered how to extend your wash day style, it's time to address the importance of damage control. Protecting your hair at night not only helps preserve your style but also prevents dryness, split ends, and breakage. Tossing and turning on cotton linens can wreak havoc on your hair. Let's explore a couple of tools you can use to safeguard your hair as you catch those precious Zzzzzz's.

Satin pillowcase

As mentioned above, a satin pillowcase is a great tool to have. It allows your hair to slide across your pillow as well as to preserve its moisture. A cotton pillow case will not only suck vital moisture from your tresses, it often will snag your precious locks, causing damage. And as a bonus, a satin pillow case also helps to maintain your skin's moisture level as well. My favorite satin pillow case can be found on Amazon - it's pretty expensive and comes with a zipper - perfect for toss-and-turners like myself.


Bonnets are an awesome alternative to satin pillowcases. The best ones have a snug headband while boasting enough room for those with oodles of curls. Many curlies apply the double protection of a bonnet AND a satin pillow case - better safe than sorry! My favorite can be found at - The Happy Hair Co has the absolute lushest fabrics!

Bonus tip: Scalp massage!


While you're getting your lovely locks ready for the night, don't forget to throw in a scalp massage. Not only are they uber relaxing, they promote hair growth during the night. Just apply a few drops of your favorite oil to your fingertips and gently massage your hair using a circular motion.


I hope this blog post has provided valuable insights into the importance of protecting your hair at night. I also hope the tools and video examples shared have given you guidance on how to do so effectively. I'm aware that there are numerous techniques and tools available, so please share your favorite methods and preferred tools in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you!



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  • A silk pillowcase works much better than a satin one.

    Susan on
  • Please let me know the stores near Oxford Street, London where I can get the ecoslay products. Thank you!

    Kruthika Shetty on
  • Your blog posts are always helpful. I normally sleep on a satin pillowcase with my hair in a pineapple.

    Latoya on
  • I love to sleep in a buff.

    Candi on
  • I love to sleep in a buff.

    Candi on
  • So I have a question…any ideas of how to work around a CPAP?!? I have tried the pineapple and using a buff and I also use a satin pillowcase, but nothing can stop that CPAP from stretching out/flattening those curls that frame my face. Gah! SO Frustrating! Help!

    Kristyne on

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