About Me


Before I started Ecoslay, I was a mom. A wife. A 40-something. A consumer. A person of faith. A techie. A part of my community. I had values that guided who I was, what I purchased, who I gave my coint to (yes, "coint") and how I consumed information. After Ecoslay got off the ground, these values didn't change, rather they became part of my brand. I promise the following to you simply because they are important to me:

Reach one, teach one: No one knows everything nor do we have the time to try. We all have our passions and gain knowledge by pursuing them. My passion is hair care. With that, it's my responsibility to share what I've learned with you so that you can increase your own knowledge base. This means that I won't simply list Sustainable Organic Red Palm oil as an ingredient in my Hot Sauce, I'll tell you why I put it in there. I won't just craft my edge brush (including it's bristles) from Bamboo. I'll tell you why I did so. Let me make you a little smarter when it comes to this stuff - no need for you to reinvent the wheel! And then maybe this will free you up to spit some knowledge on me about your passions as well :)

Use ingredients that are good for you: I believe that you are what you eat. I also believe that what you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN it. So, why should I take the care of putting organic fruits and veggies in my diet while slathering my hair and scalp with ingredients that I can't pronounce? Each ingredient in my products is carefully chosen because it gets the job done AND is good for you. You don't have to worry about reading the ingredients label (although you should!) because you can trust that I have your back.

Respect the environment: This home is not just ours. We only get to take in it's awe it because of those that have come before us. This means that we have a responsibility to consider those that will come after us. Let's not be arrogant. Let's not be selfish. Instead, let's be grateful and honor those that left it in decent shape for us by doing our best to keep it that way for "future us" and our kids...and our grandkids... and their grandkids. C'mon man. *stepping off soapbox*

Be kind to one another: Where do I even start? We've got to lift each other up. The world can be a cruel place. I strongly believe that I've done my job when I've put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. On social media, I take this most seriously. Only positive posts get my likes and too much drama will get you unfollowed with a swiftness. This also translates into responding to each social media post, writing handwritten notes inside each order and providing free shipping/refunds or whatever it takes when you're not happy with your purchase or your order gets lost. Nothing makes my day like a repeat customer or an email about my outstanding customer service. That lets me know that I'm doing my job.