Adria Marshall

I'm grateful for every Ecoslay customer

"Wife”. “Mother-of-3”. “Techie”. I never imagined that “Entrepreneur” would one day be added to my list of titles. I began my own natural hair journey 16 years ago when there weren’t many products available for my hair type. Like many naturals, I found myself becoming a “product junkie” as I exhaustingly searched for my “Holy Grail” products. This trial-and-error got old very quick, especially when I noticed the toll that it was taking on my wallet. Hair products are expensive! That’s when I decided to educate myself on the ingredients. Not long after, I had the ability to ignore what a product claimed it would do on the label and forecast how my hair would react by reading the ingredient list. Being an avid gardener, I was thrilled when I discovered that natural ingredients worked far better for my own hair than the ones that I couldn’t even pronounce nor easily access. And from this realization, Ecoslay was born. It’s been amazing watching the brand grow throughout the years. I now have over 30 global retailers and 40K followers on social media. But what keeps me grounded is my relentless adherence to these core values:

* Reach one, teach one:I believe that it is my responsibility to share what I’ve learned about ingredients, haircare and even entrepreneurship with my customers.

* Use ingredients that are good for you:I firmly believe that you are what you eat and what you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN it.

* Respect the environment:This home is not just ours. We only get to take in its awe because of those that have come before us. This means that we have a responsibility to consider those that will come after us.

* Be kind to one another:The world can be a cruel place. I strongly believe that I’ve done my job when I put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

Another delightful side-benefit of starting Ecoslay is the privilege to employ others. I consider Ecoslay as more than just a job for my staff - it’s a launching pad for all of the wonderful endeavors coming their way. I take every opportunity to share my wins and losses and encourage them along their own journeys.My long-term goal is to put mentorship into action, employing a hands-on approach to assisting women make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality.