Frequently Asked Questions

1. My cart is loaded up and ready to go but I can't find where the coupon code goes! Please help!

The coupon code field can be found on the Checkout page.

2. What is the shelf life of your products?

Please see Shelf Life

3. Are your products Curly Girl friendly?

Yes :)

4. I have blonde/grey hair. Will Hot Sauce stain it?

Great question! Hot Sauce gets its red color from beta-carotene and it can certainly stain clothing and linens. We've found that when using the product sparingly and applied directly to the scalp, there have been few cases of staining. However, we do recommend a patch test on an inconspicuous spot just to be safe!

5. Are your products vegan?

All products other than Peppermint Schnapps are unquestionably vegan. Peppermint Schnapps contains honey, which some consider to not be vegan-approved since honey is obtained from the work of bees.

6. Are your products gluten free?

All products other than Matcha Boost are gluten free. Our vegan keratin alternative is sourced from wheat.

7. Does Ecoslay or its suppliers engage in animal testing?

Absolutely not, and my German Shepherd is offended that you even had to ask. 😂

8. Are your products color safe?

Yes they are

9. I chose 2-day shipping for my order but was then notified that all products take 2-weeks to produce. Why the misleading information? I was expecting my purchase in 2 days!

All of Ecoslay's products are homemade in Adria's kitchen. Therefore, due to the amount of labor involved in handcrafting each product combined with high demand, we estimate that all customers allow 2-weeks for their order to be made. After your order is made, your desired shipping time kicks in, 2 days in your case.

10. I'm a first-time customer and my purchase was over $75, yet I'm not allowed to use both promo codes. What's going on?

Only one promo code is allowed per purchase. Try both codes to see which one gives you the bigger discount!

11. I received my Orange Marmalade and it smells nothing like oranges! Is this normal? 

Orange Marmalade is lightly scented with sweet orange essential oil. Some of our customers notice the orange scent more than others. Reactions range from "It smells just like fresh oranges!" to "I smell nothing at all!" So, yes, your experience is indeed normal :)

12. I tried your products but they just aren't a good fit for me. What's your return policy?

Please see Exchanges and Returns

13. Do you have a Retailer in my area?

Please see Retailers

14. My tracking information indicates that my order was delivered but I don't have it. Help!

When this usually happens, your mail carrier has mistakenly delivered your package to a neighbor. Nine times out of ten, speaking to him or her will jog their memory on where they delivered your goodies. If this doesn't pan out, shoot over to your local post office - they are super-helpful in these situations. If they cannot sort it out, contact USPS directly at 1 (800) 275-8777 - if you shipped via Priority Mail, insurance is included and you will be refunded for a lost package. Unfortunately, there is not much that we can do to help locate your package.

15. I live in Y. I just checked my tracking information and my order is on the other side of the entire world! Help!

Your best bet is to contact USPS directly at 1 (800) 275-8777 to figure out what's going on. Unfortunately, there is not much that we can do to help locate your package. If you shipped via Priority Mail, insurance is included and USPS will issue you a refund for your lost package.

16. I live in X. Do you deliver here? How much will it cost for you to ship to me?

Yes, we will deliver to you, wherever you are! Shipping rates are determined by the weight of your package [what you order], your location [where you live] and your shipping method [how quickly you want your goodies to reach you after they have been made]. Please draft your order with this information to determine your shipping cost.

17. I live outside of the US. Will I have to pay customs fees?

This is definitely a possibility. Customs fees are a tricky thing and each country has its own rules on how they are calculated. This page is a pretty good place to start to see if customs fees will apply in your case: It's also a good idea to contact your local customs office to get more information.

18. What is your Privacy Policy? Our Privacy Policy can be found here: