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But why, tho?

Why Refrigerate

Your Pouches are filled with produce!

You probably already know that we use a tremendous amount of natural ingredients in our goodies! What you might not know is that, when formulating our products, we work with our chemist to negotiate the bare minimum level of preservatives and chelates needed to keep our products free of nasties (bacteria, yeast, mold) and shelf stable. 

To compensate for the lower amount of preservatives used, we often suggest that our products be refrigerated. Refrigeration slows the possible growth of aforementioned nasties while keeping our products shelf stable longer.

Please note that if refrigeration is suggested:
- Your product will last up to 3 months unrefrigerated.
- Your product only needs to be refrigerated after the product has been opened.


 Product Shelf Life Storage Tips
Hot Sauce Pre-Poo Treatment 24 months Store in a cool, dry place
Apple Sauce 12 months Store in a cool, dry place
Orange Marmalade 9 months Keep Refrigerated
Banana Cream 9 months Keep Refrigerated
Peppermint Schnapps 12 months Refrigeration will extend shelf life
Moonshine 12 months Refrigeration will extend shelf life
Ginger and Moringa Tea 9 months Keep Refrigerated
Matcha Boost 9 months Keep Refrigerated
Jello Shot 9 months Keep Refrigerated
Rice Pudding 9 months Keep Refrigerated
Cayenne Lemon Squeeze 24 months

Store in a cool, dry place

Chai Latte 9 months

Keep Refrigerated

Lemon Buttercream 9 months Keep Refrigerated
Sangria 9 months Keep Refrigerated


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