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Gearing up for the holiday season? Don't forget to include your beautiful curly hair in the festivities. Whether you're planning an extravagant masquerade, a cozy family gathering, or even a relaxing night for yourself, taking care of your hair and styling it right can elevate the occasion. Our December blog post is packed with essential tips to prepare your hair for the event, ensuring that the big day becomes the perfect finishing touch. Additionally, we'll share some styling tips to make your 'Merry and Bright' moment shine even brighter.

Preparation is Key

As the event approaches, it's important to assess the health of your hair. If it's lacking shine or appearing lifeless, it might be time for a clarifying treatment. Consider incorporating an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse into your routine (half ACV and half water works wonders). Additionally, if you've noticed increased breakage or shedding during showering, it's essential to address this issue - sounds like a protein-treatment (Matcha Boost is perfect) might be in order. Perhaps, Winter's dry air is taking a toll and your hair is a bit drier than usual. If so, consider using a bit of Ginger and Moringa before your next Banana Cream treatment to encourage more moisture penetration. Finally, and perhaps most important, take a few minutes to check-in on your diet, exercise and sleep recently - now is a great time to tweak these important habits to improve your stress-level and overall health, including your hair.

Now, for the fun part

Once your hair is in good condition from our preparation step above, it's time to play! The holiday season is a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try new styles. We've put together some fun suggestions to get your creative juices flowing

Play with color

With so many temporary color options to choose from, playing with color is a no-brainer. We adore Curl Smith's hair makeup, a great no-commitment option for a bit of holiday fun. And the way that Sherry's Life combined color with a silk press here? *Chef's Kiss*

During the holidays, it's all about adding sparkle to your hairstyle. Enhance your look with studded headbands, eye-catching barrettes, and adorned bobby pins. The beauty of these accessories is that you can effortlessly place them, making them perfect for quick and easy styling.

Up, up and Away

Updo's are absolutely stunning for holiday outings (or innings!) and relatively simple to accomplish. For sleek buns, be sure to grab your Jello Shot or Apple Sauce to keep your look at its most polished and those edges swooped. Braided and twisted low buns are absolutely stunning, especially when combined with a bit of sparkle.

I hope that these tips and style suggestions were super-helpful as you finalize your holiday event plans! Be sure to take care of your hair and yourself during this busy season and I'll check in with you guys in 2023!

Love, peace and all the blessings,

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