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Hello, Ecoslay family! As we deck the halls and string the lights, let’s not forget to give our hair some holiday love too. Whether you’re rocking waves, curls, coils, or kinks, this season is all about embracing and showcasing your natural hair texture. At Ecoslay, we're here to guide you through styling your crowning glory for the festive season with tips, tricks, and our trusted natural hair care products.

Pre-Styling Care

Before we dive into styling, let's talk prep. Healthy hair is the best foundation for any style. Ensure your hair is well-hydrated and moisturized. I, personally, find that my hair is much drier in the winter. Because of this, I make sure to clarify my lo-po hair every 3-4 weeks and double down on my Banana Cream deep treatments. This means that I might have been able to get by with 15 minutes under the steamer in the summer, but we're getting all 30 minutes in this winter! This simple step has made a major difference in how my hair maintains its moisture level throughout the week! Also, remember that our Moonshine is phenomenal for sealing in moisture, so don't be afraid to apply a bit after your Banana Cream to make sure that all that moisturizing goodness is locked and loaded!

Styling Wavy Hair for the holidays

Wavy hair, with its gentle curves and bends, looks stunning with a little volume and definition. Try an adorned look this holiday. After applying the Orange Marmalade, scrunch your waves to encourage their natural pattern, and let them air dry for a soft, romantic holiday look. Then, grab a handful of hair pins and gently coax your waves into a half up, half down look. This style is timeless and enhances the look of any holiday fit that you might choose this season.


Styling Curly Hair for the holidays

For a festive curly updo with lots of volume, start with the Ecoslay Rice Pudding Leave-In Conditioner to nourish those curls. Apply just a teensy bit of Orange Marmalade for control, but we're going for a messy, natural look, so don't over-do it! Gently gather your curls at the crown and secure them loosely, allowing some curls to frame your face. This style is elegant and just plan gorgeous.

Styling Coily Hair for the holidays

Go bold or go home! I love pushing the envelope with embellishments during the holidays. Style your coily hair in a wash n go, as normal. An Orange Marmalade and Jello Shot combo usually does the trick for me! After drying (the hooded dryer is my instrument of choice!) adorn holiday bows, bells or whatever you can get your hands on! Tis the season to do something different.


Styling Kinky Hair for the holidays

Kinky hair deserves to be celebrated for its texture and volume. For a holiday-themed style, try a twist-out using our Ecoslay Lemon Buttercream. This will give your coils light definition with tons of moisture. Bold makeup is the icing on the cake.


Holiday Hair Care Pro Tips

If you're like me, Chai Latte is bae. However, in the cooler tips, I love to alternate with Peppermint Schnapps since it's so nourishing. Also, consider dialing back the protein a bit since it can amp up the dryness that your hair might already be feeling!

So, in conclusion, This holiday season, have fun with your hair! Experiment with styles that make you feel festive and fabulous. Remember, at Ecoslay, we're not just about products; we're about empowering you to embrace your natural beauty. Share your holiday hair looks with us on social media using #EcoslayHolidayHair. We can’t wait to see how you shine!

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