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edge brush + carrying case

edge brush + carrying case

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Slay your edges, not the planet! Lay baby hairs in place with these firm, yet gentle bamboo-fiber bristles. Carry your edge brush in style with the included 100% bamboo travel case!

The Bamboo Edge Brush boasts:

    • First environmentally-conscious edge brush - even the bristles are made from bamboo!
    • The cylindrical bamboo handle on the brush has a comfortable grip allowing the firm, yet gentle bamboo-fiber bristles to coax your "baby hairs" into place
    • The bristles on the brush are tapered to allow you to strategically put each hair in its proper place for the perfect look.
    • The carrying case is sleek, light weight and made from bamboo just like the brush.
    • Once your brush and case have run their course, it can be disposed of safely by returning it to earth in compost or landfill.  They will completely biodegrade into soil, without pollution.
    • Want to learn more about the mighty bamboo plant, why our edge brush is better than a toothbrush or how to slay?

    How To Use

    Apply Apple Sauce edge control sparingly to your edges. Using the bamboo edge brush, gently coax edges into desired position. Store edge brush in carrying case.

    Important Note

    To clean edge brush, apply handsoap or shampoo to bristles under running warm water. Gently remove any hair or debris from brush. Air dry.

    Slather Mindfully

    Our Ingredient Philosophy

    Did you know that our scalps are porous, absorbing the products that we slather onto it? At Ecoslay, we practice a natural-first philosophy when it comes to ingredients. Paying tremendous respect to nature while not ignoring science - that's the Ecoslay way.

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