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Kinky Wash n Go

Jasmine's low-porosity, high-density kinky locs completely thrive with her Ecoslay routine. Keep reading to see how she achieves these gorgeous results!

Step 1

On damp/dry hair, begin with using Hot Sauce as a pre-cleansing treatment, applying it sparingly to the scalp and massaging thoroughly. Follow up with Peppermint Schnapps Hair wash. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 2

Apply Ginger and Moringa Tea Rinse thoroughly to wet hair to add moisture, balance ph and prepare hair for conditioning. Rinse immediately.

 Step 3

Generously apply Banana Cream Deep Conditioner to soaking wet hair

Step 4

Allow Banana Cream to penetrate hair for 30 minutes under a heat cap. Rinse.

 Step 5

Apply more Banana Cream as a leave-in treatment to keep hair moisturized throughout the week.

Step 6

Section hair and apply 3-4 pumps of Orange Marmalade flaxseed and aloe curl definer per section. Tame edges with Apple Sauce edge control gel. Air dry and fluff.


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