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Curly Wash n Go

Paige's stunning curls are a match made in Ecoslay heaven. Keep reading to see how she styles her low-porosity, medium-density curls "The Ecoslay Way"! 

Step 1

Wet hair thoroughly. Apply Peppermint Schnapps hair wash to scalp, working it into a gentle lather. Rinse well. 

Step 2

Apply Banana Cream Deep Conditioner to hair, completely saturating locs. 

Step 3

Pop on a heat cap to allow Banana Cream to deeply penetrate.

Step 4

Using 1-2 pumps per section, rake Orange Marmalade aloe and curl definer into locs, coating each strand.

Step 5

Diffuse curls on warm heat until curls are completely dry. Rub a few drops of Moonshine hair and body oil between the palms of your hands to scrunch out the crunch. 




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