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Summer brings with it a multitude of enjoyable activities and a change in weather, necessitating adjustments to our hair care routines. In July's blog post, we will provide you with easy-to-implement tips to ensure that your hair thrives in the warmer temperatures and higher dew points, allowing you to make the most of the summer months while maintaining healthy and beautiful hair.

UV Protection

While it's widely recognized that safeguarding our skin from the sun's rays is crucial, many overlook the significance of protecting our hair from the same harmful effects. During the intense summer months, it is vital to shield your hair by applying natural UV protectants such as Aloe Vera juice, Vitamin E, or Jojoba oil. These natural remedies serve as a defense mechanism against the damaging impact of the sun, ensuring that your hair remains healthy and protected throughout the season. Our own Orange Marmalade has the first 2 covered with Moonshine bringing up the rear! A floppy beach hat is another super cute way to keep your hair protected while you're enjoying the sun.

The Dynamic Duo: Protein & Moisture

If you haven't checked out last month's blog post (I'm not mad, just disappointed), please read it when you get a sec! It's full of great info on how to keep frizz at bay when the humidity is high. Spoiler alert: Upping your protein and moisturizing treatments are key to keeping your hair hydrated and curls fortified so that you can limit the additional moisture that tries to seep into your strands during the Summertime.

Seal In, Seal Out.

Another great tip from last month's post (No, I just can't let it go) is to use an oil to seal in the moisture from your deep conditioner and to seal OUT humidity. Any lightweight oil like Sweet Almond or Argan should do the trick! These beauties can be found in our Moonshine oil - a great way to give your hair and body a bit of protection when those rays are at their fiercest!


Slather it On


Before taking that dip, wet your hair and apply your favorite leave-in conditioner. This tried and true hack works by filling up the cuticles before the chlorine and salt water have a chance to get soaked up by your delicate strands. Be sure to rinse your hair well once you leave the water to immediately rid your strands of the ocean and pool remnants!

Reduce the heat

As the temperature rises, it's crucial to protect your hair from the damaging effects of strong UV rays. Despite the care and attention you've dedicated to your hair throughout the year, excessive heat can undo your efforts. During this scorching period, it's advisable to minimize the use of heat styling tools such as blow dryers, diffusers, and flat irons. By reducing your reliance on these tools, you can prevent further heat damage and help your hair maintain its health and vitality during the hot summer months.



Staying hydrated is a well-known practice, and it becomes even more crucial during the summer season. Drinking an ample amount of water has numerous benefits: it promotes plump skin, enhances hair manageability, prevents fatigue, and improves sleep quality. Embracing proper hydration during the summertime is a triple win, as it positively impacts your overall well-being, leaving you with nourished skin, manageable hair, and increased energy levels while ensuring a restful night's sleep. So remember to prioritize water intake for a multitude of benefits during the warmer months.

Alright now, you're fully prepped to go outside and enjoy all things Summertime! Let me know if I missed one of your favorite tips for weathering these gorgeously scorching summer months!

Happy Summering!


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